Jun 19 2009

Pursuit race 2009

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please find attached the SI’s and start times for classes for this years pursuit race, if I’ve omitted your class please mail me asap so I can amend the list, as if you’re not on the list you won’t have a start.

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TBYC – RNLI Pursuit Race 2009
Supplementary Sailing Instructions

Racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescription of the RYA, the Thorpe Bay Yacht Club Sailing Instructions and these Supplementary Sailing Instructions

Race Duration and Entry
• Entry fee for the race is a £3 per boat voluntary contribution. – All proceeds will be donated to the RNLI.
• The Race Duration has been calculated based on the Laser Pico (Two Sails) sailing for 2 hours. Start times for all other classes have been calculated using an unadjusted PY system based on the handicap numbers in use at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club as at 01 June 2009 for monohulls and SCRHS numbers with a .686 mltiplier for multihulls..
• Classes not allocated a start time should contact the race officer prior to the warning signal for the first start to be allocated a start time.
• Competitors sailing boats without a start time allocated that do not contact the race officer before this time will not be eligible to race.

The Course
• The course will be displayed on the blackboard at the top of the slipway.

The Start
• Start times have been rounded to the nearest minute and are published on the Start Times sheet that accompanies this set of supplementary sailing instructions.

• Flags will only be used in the initial warning and preparatory period before the first start. International Code Flag R shall be used as the warning signal for the first start. Sound signals shall govern the starting sequence thereafter.

• 27 separate start times are set. A blackboard with the start number written on it will be displayed on the Committee Boat 1 minute before that number’s start. A single sound signal will be made for each of the designated starts even if no boat start in that class..

• Competitors are requested to keep clear of the line until the after the start immediately prior to their class.

• The race will finish exactly 2 hours after the first start time.
• A committee boat flying a blue flag will motor to the point where the lead boat has reached at the pre-determined finish time and drop a buoy to form a finish line.
• All boats shall then sail through that finish line to gain a place on the final results.
• Time limit for ALL classes to cross the finish line after the pre-determined finish time will be 20 minutes. All boats failing to complete the course in that time will be recorded as did not finish.

Thorpe Bay Yacht Club – RNLI Pursuit Race 2009
Start Times

Based on Pico Sailing 120 minutes
Start Number Class Start Time
1 Laser Pico 15:00
2 Laser pico single sail 15:02
3 Sandhopper, Topaz Duo, feva xl 15:09
4 Laser 4.7 15:11
5 Solo, Byte 15:13
6 National 12, Laser Radial,laser 2000 15:19
7 Laser 15:20
8 RS200, Albacore, Finn 15:22
9 phantom, laser II 15:24
10 Merlin Rocket 15:26
11 Contender 15:28
12 rs500, hornet 15:30
13 rs400 15:32
14 Laser 4000, rs600, 29er 15:36
15 505, 59er, Dart Sprint 15:37
16 hobie 15 15:38
17 musto skiff, kl 15.5 15:38
18 Dart 16 15:39
19 Dart 16 (spi), Topper topaz 16cx, Hobie 15 spi 15:41
20 Dart 15 sprint, laser 5000 15:42
21 Dart 18 15:45
22 hobie 16, foil Moth 15:50
23 Spitfire (2 sail) , 49er 15:51
24 Spitfire (spin), Hurricane (no spi) 15:54
25 Hurricanes 5.9sx, inter 18, tornado std 15:57
26 Nacra 20, tornado 24 15:59
27 Tornado sport, Nacra 20  big rig 16:00

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