May 02 2019

May 3rd Friday Club Night 7pm Knots and splicing

The first Friday of each of the summer months is TBYC Club night. This month we start the bank holiday looking at knots and splicing.
Fridays Club night Knots and splicing programme.

  • 19:00 starting with basic knots for beginners and intermediate cadets or adults who need a reminder.
  • 20:00 Chris Boshier from Essex rigging will be here with all his tools and knowledge to teach us how to splice dyneema rope, covering anything from eyes, continuous sheets, to tapers, just ask Chris. Tony Clarke will then be going through splicing an eye in 3 strand rope .
  • The whole hour will be informal, with a short explanation, demonstration, then time for you to have a go with the experts on hand to help you out if you are knot doing it right or teach you tricks and tips to ensure success.
  • Chris is now our regional Marlow rope stockist and will also be able to offer advise on suitable ropes for that all important start of season refit as well as taking orders.

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  1. Chris Boshieron 03 May 2019 at 12:20 pm

    hi all,

    I’ll be down at the club around 8 as Jeremy mentions above (but I will try and get down before) I plan to do a few dyneema(R) rope demonstrations that you can join in with.

    (rope, tape and some tools supplied, but please, if you can bring an old biro these will work as a splicing fid, if you want to join in)

    I’ll be showing how to make,

    a Brummel splice
    a McDonald Brummel splice
    a soft loop
    and a soft shackle

    see you this evening.


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