Dec 29 2020

Frozen Sheets Race + Racing Update

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Dear Members

The Government is due to review our Tier status on the 30th. Should we be moved to a lower Tier, which seems unlikely, the Sailing Committee feel that with the dangerous levels of infections currently being seen across the area, it would be fool hardy of us to endorse racing even if we are able.


We are all very keen to continue with racing as for most of us, it is our beloved sport and something we all long for. To disrupt this is hard for all of us at TBYC but a necessary sacrifice to ensure the protection of our community, members and staff.


Rest assured that will be looking at the guidance continuously and if a window of opportunity should appear we will react if it is right to do so.


I am sure that the whole club will pull together and look forward to better times to come. With more vaccine available and the spring weather to both help reduce infections and allow us to return safely to racing.


In the meantime, continue to stay safe and well. Remember, the dinghy park is still open for winter preparations to Cruisers and Sandhoppers and of course free sailing is available ensuring the Tier 4 and club guidance is followed.


Howard Warrington
Rear Commodore Racing

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  1. Steve Hopperon 31 Dec 2020 at 16:12

    Sensible decision and to all my fellow members please do the sensible thing and get vaccinated when you get invited to do so.

    It will be the quickest route back to a more normal existence. And will help protect others

    Stay Safe Steve

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