Oct 31 2011

Final Fling & Winter Sunday Race 1

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A big thank you to those members including the Commodore that stepped in yesterday at short notice to cover duty no shows.

Please remember it is your own responsibility to arrange duty swaps, please don’t expect the Club Office to deal with last minute requests…….

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  1. Barry Duceon 31 Oct 2011 at 8:25 pm

    Thank you yet again Peter for covering for yet another member who couldnt be bothered to cover their duty or arrange a replacement.
    funny how some expect to sail with the benefit of excellent safety cover but cannot reciprocate.

    The sandhopper fleet had a great race thanks to Colin and Amanda and to those who looked after us.

  2. Garry Ellison 01 Nov 2011 at 5:53 pm

    Can I make a suggestion for when the Duty list is prepared and I appreciat that this is a thankless task and I m not trying to teach my Grandmother to suck eggs so please do not take this the worng way.
    It appears this kind of thing is happening more frequently and whilst reminding everyone of their responsibilites is correct it will probably not solve the problem. Also I know of a number of members who are willing to do duties that are either not on the list or only get one duty in a year.
    My suggestions would be for the next duty rota

    1) Have an extra duty of “Floating Cover” or “Assitant Duty Officer”
    This person can either shift around with the other attendees if there is a no show or be another pair of Race Officer hands. Better to have to many than to few people. Also they can be responsible for checking all members have not forgotten.

    2) Positon deductions for those racing members who forget to do their duties completely or do not arrange cover.

    3) Extra Duties for those that do not race if they still do not attend then I would say it warrants the rescinding use of the boat park for a time.

    I know it sounds harsh but I fully support the club and feel that it is an important part of our responsibilities and if people cannot take it seriously then there shoud be some form of penalty.
    Hopefully this may raise some discussion.

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