Feb 28 2021

TBYC Road Map 2021

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Positive News. TBYC Road Map as it appears currently and subject to the Government not moving backwards or forwards on their own road map and also taking into account current RYA guidelines updated on the 25/2/21.

Mon March 8th. Access lifted to dinghy park to allow members to get access to their own personal equipment only, to go sailing in line with Government guidelines. The Club slipway CANNOT  be used to launch and recover members personal boats as this would breach Government rules and RYA legal advice. Club work continues to be permitted on site and also paid work on members boats but access to members to work on their own boats is not permitted before the 29th March. The Government advice remains STAY AT HOME AND EXERCISE LOCALLY.

Mon 29th March. Outdoor sporting facilities open. Access to dinghy park and Club slipway for all members and sailing and racing can resume. The toilets will be open but the changing rooms will remain shut.

Thurs 1st April. lift in for support boats and any Cruisers or Sandhoppers that are ready and in a position to be lifted in.

Fri 2nd April. Dinghy boats can return to the dingy park although some may not go into their allotted slot until 2nd Lift in is sorted. Full Easter racing calendar will commence.

Mon 12th April. Club changing rooms will open. Alcohol can be served outdoors.We MAY decide to open the Club Bar a few days for limited hours during good weather if the demand is there.

Fri 16th April. Lift in for ALL remaining Sandhoppers and Cruisers. this gives all owners nearly 3 weeks, 2 weekends including Easter bank holiday weekend to sort their boats since access was allowed to all from the 29th March.

Tues 18th May. Club house reopens

Mon 21st June. National restrictions lifted no restrictions at the club.

Mon 9th -13th Aug. Planning for Cadet week is now actively underway.

Sat 4th Sept Summer Ball (Revised date).

As we progress throughout the year relevant Social distancing rules applicable to members attending the Club at that time will be updated and notified to all members.

If anybody needs to discuss then please phone me but it is worth looking at the RYA guidance first as this is what we have used to issue our road map as it currently stands and has been agreed by the General Committee.

Adrian Bunting

Commodore TBYC.


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