Nov 06 2020

Notice to Members No.8 – 5th November Lockdown

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Following the recent HMG guidelines enforced from the 5th November and the RYA Interpretation of these regulations can be viewed here –

Coming to the dinghy park and going sailing is associated with risks. It is your choice, your decision, your responsibility at your own risk. The General Committee requests that you follow the rules below to ensure safety to all members.

The Committee has therefore decided, at this point in time, that whilst the club house and changing rooms will need to close, the dinghy park can be accessed, and free sailing is still possible. The toilets will remain open. These regulations will be reviewed regularly and further amendments to these guidelines may be issued.

General Rules and Guidance for Dinghy Park & Water Activities

  • Please observe social distancing at all times. Do not go within 2 metres of other people
  • Please avoid touching common surfaces and regularly wash your hands
  • Please cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing
  • Please proceed around the dinghy park, car park, beach and slipway with caution and consideration to others
  • Do not be afraid to ask another member ‘to keep their distance’, but always do so politely and with consideration so they will not be offended
  • If the number of people becomes a risk, then restrictions may apply. This will only be introduced if absolutely necessary and only to protect our members
  • If you or anyone from your household or anyone you have had contact with are showing symptoms of Covid 19 do not come to the club or dinghy park but follow Government guidelines, self-isolating for 14 days
  • Whilst we will have installed areas to wash your hands to assist you in keeping safe, we remind you that you are at your own risk entirely and further recommend you carry your own PPE and hygiene supplies
  • Do not share water or fill from the hoses or sinks to further reduce the risk of transmission

Movement and use specifically of the car park and dinghy park

  • Please refer to the diagram along with this information for signage and safety equipment
  • We have provided knee operated hand washing facilities as detailed on the diagram
  • When setting up and rigging your boats please do so in the grass car park to enable better distancing
  • When walking and travelling around the dinghy park and passing others please ensure social distancing is observed at all times. If needed wait and let others pass

On the Water Guidance

  • Please be mindful of any actions you may take that could result in the requirement of emergency services
  • Supervised and any organised activities are not possible at this point, so you go afloat entirely at your own risk
  • All applicable TBYC rules still apply
  • Check your equipment to ensure it is fit to go afloat
  • Check tide times and go afloat on the incoming tide in preference
  • Check a weather forecast just before going afloat this can be found on the club website
  • Consider the wind direction. Northerly winds are more dangerous as its not so obvious to gauge the wind strength and when in trouble you will be blown away from the shore. Also consider the strength. Do not go if the conditions are above your ability.
  • Let someone know you are going afloat and when you have returned
  • If you are going afloat during a quiet time i.e. early mornings / early evenings or during the week, try and buddy up with other members around
  • Always wear a buoyancy aid
  • Take a paddle
  • Have at least a 10m painter attached to the bow of your boat
  • Take a method of communication with you. Ship to shore radio if you have one or your mobile phone. Making sure there is sufficient battery life on your device for the time afloat. Take both if you have them.

TBYC on water limited activity and current status

  • The usual sailing programme is suspended. However, it is being reviewed on a weekly basis and will resume when it is possible to do so
  • The Dutyman system is also suspended at this time and we will operate strictly on a volunteer basis

Please note that there will be no safety boat cover during the lockdown period.

The club house and changing rooms remain closed until further notice.


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