Apr 02 2021


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Morning sailors,

Today sees the opening of the Dinghy Park and the start of the sailing calendar. Members are now allowed to bring their boats to the dinghy park for storage.

The Dinghy park storage plan is in place, and all those needing storage have been allocated a space, however with a number of Sandhoppers and Cruisers remaining in the Dinghy Park till the 16th, space is limited and affects rows I K L M N and the Racks. The storage plan is therefore impossible to implement properly.

For this reason your allocated space may not be available, either because it is occupied by a cruiser or another dinghy who was allocated the space for winter storage and is unable to move to their space.

For the next two weeks until the remaining boats are lifted in, please simply temporarily store you dinghy in the North of the park using the hawsers visible in the remaining space to secure your boat. Some dinghies will then need to be moved during the lift in on the 16th. This can be done for you by the lift in team (club members) or you can move it out of the way yourself prior to lift in. Please do not secure using padlocks at this stage.

I will publish the proposed space allocation prior to the 16th, when after lift in members will be required to move their boats to the allocated spaces as soon as possible.
If you are unsure where to place your boat or need to clarify anything, please send me a message and I can pop down to assist. I am around at the club Saturday and Sunday and available to help all this week.

Thank you all for your flexibility, understanding and help as we try to get the club up and running and back to normal as soon as we can and restrictions allow.

Jeremy Sandford
Dinghy Park Officer

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