Jan 09 2021

Closure of Club access to Free sailing and Restricted access to Dinghy Park

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Dear Members

At this time the General Committee have decided that the access to free sailing from our Dinghy Park will now be closed and we ask members to comply with that decision.

In coming to that decision we have taken into account the following but it is not an exhaustive list: Current very high infection rates and hospital admissions in Southend. Government STAY AT HOME message including journeys for exercise should be local.Public perception.The spirit in which the Government rules were intended.The impact on emergency services should you get into difficulty.No pre organised activity is authorised.

We also took note of the RYA generic guidelines issued on 8/1/21. This was not deemed appropriate at this time in our case and hence the reason for currently closing sailing access.

If members wish to continue to sail in line with RYA guidance you may remove your boat from the dinghy park but will not be permitted to return it at this time until restrictions change. Any preparations needed or go afloat cannot be done on club  grounds and includes the use of our car parks.

The club slipway is private and therefore Goverment rules and RYA guidelines prevent this from being used. Access to the foreshore therefore can only be via the council slipway if that remains open.

The Dinghy Park and car parks are closed to all except those attending in a professional capacity i.e paid employment or voluntarily for the club to complete essential work which would otherwise be paid. Before attending those persons must first have booked it with our club secretary so a record can be kept for any required inspection.

The responsibility for your boats security is still with members. We would suggest that between classes a member is asked to periodically on behalf of the class and for this purpose only, access to the dinghy park will be allowed for a short period of time.

Social distancing must be observed at all times and there is to be no social congregation by any persons present.

Members as you will all appreciate these Government rules,regulations,RYA guidance and interpretations are being continually updated and amended. As these and local circumstances change our guidance to members will continue to be updated.

As a Club, safety of our staff, members and the public at large is our number one priority and this is foremost in our minds when making decisions on your behalf.

This notice supersedes any previous club notice regarding these matters.

Adrian Bunting

Commodore TBYC




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