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Dec 29 2020

Frozen Sheets Race + Racing Update

Dear Members

The Government is due to review our Tier status on the 30th. Should we be moved to a lower Tier, which seems unlikely, the Sailing Committee feel that with the dangerous levels of infections currently being seen across the area, it would be fool hardy of us to endorse racing even if we are able.


We are all very keen to continue with racing as for most of us, it is our beloved sport and something we all long for. To disrupt this is hard for all of us at TBYC but a necessary sacrifice to ensure the protection of our community, members and staff.


Rest assured that will be looking at the guidance continuously and if a window of opportunity should appear we will react if it is right to do so.


I am sure that the whole club will pull together and look forward to better times to come. With more vaccine available and the spring weather to both help reduce infections and allow us to return safely to racing.


In the meantime, continue to stay safe and well. Remember, the dinghy park is still open for winter preparations to Cruisers and Sandhoppers and of course free sailing is available ensuring the Tier 4 and club guidance is followed.


Howard Warrington
Rear Commodore Racing

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Dec 20 2020

Tier 4 update

Dear Members,

Following the Governments announcement that we are now in Tier 4 the club has reviewed its guidance to members.

Members can still access the dinghy park and free sail as there is no limit on outdoor exercise.

Please also consider you should be staying at home and only travelling for specific reasons like work and education.

If attending the dinghy park on your own you may only mix with one other person who is not part of your household or support bubble.

RYA guidelines currently do not include Tier 4 advice. This will be reviewed by the club when published.


Adrian Bunting

Commodore TBYC


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Dec 15 2020

Suspension of Racing

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Dear Members,

Having now moved into Tier 3 and with infections currently rising in the local area a decision has been made by the General and Sailing Committees to currently suspend racing at the club. We are aware that RYA Tier 3 guidelines do still allow racing to continue.

Many factors were taken into account when making our decision and included the clubs duty of care to all members including the volunteers for Rib duties and race management.

This means racing on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th December is cancelled.

The toilets and access to the dinghy park will remain open to members.

Members may still currently go free sailing but nothing will be organised by the club.

If members use the water please take into account Club Notice 8 issued on the 6th November which again becomes applicable.

The decision to suspend racing will be reviewed again prior to the Frozen sheets race currently scheduled for Saturday 2nd January 2021.


Adrian Bunting

Commodore TBYC.


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Dec 04 2020

This Weekend – Racing and Kitchen

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Dec 01 2020

TBYC Back to racing!

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I am pleased to announce that this weekend will see the Winter Series back in action!


As with all these events recently there is a Risk Assessment to cover what we do. Please click on the updated version below and check that you can conform to the guidance. It is part of the Winter Series Entry that you have read the relevant RA’s so please do.


There will be another out soon which will cover the clubhouse and changing rooms. This one is for all aspects of the racing.


I very much look forward to seeing you all again soon.


Return to Racing Risk Assessment TBYC V3



Rear Commodore Racing

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Nov 20 2020

Weather Station Information

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In a recent post about sailing during Lockdown, it was said:

“Check a weather forecast just before going afloat this can be found on the club website

Our weather station can sometimes have its errors and the RNLI Weather is no longer available from our website, why we get errors and how to get the RNLI Weather data can be found by reading


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Oct 18 2020


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Well done to our second National Champion of the year Chris Tillyer who successful beat 48 other Sprints at Grafham Water this weekend to be the 2020 National Champion. 7 Sprints in total represented TBYC at the event.

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Oct 16 2020

Winter – Icicle Series and Frozen Sheets Sailing Instructions

Please click on the link to view the 2020/21 Winter and Icicle Series SI’s.

Please note the slight change in start schedule.

Winter-Icicle Series & Frozen Sheets SI’s 2020-21

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Oct 16 2020


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We need volunteers to help with support boat duties this weekend please


Sun 18 Oct 2020 11:00 Winter Sun – RIB Helm – COVERED thanks Scott James

Sun 18 Oct 2020 11:00 Winter Sun – RIB Crew – COVERED thanks Bob Sporle


Don’t forget you can swap a duty with a VOLUNTEER PLEASE duty

If you can help please volunteer / swap in the usual way via Dutyman or email [email protected]

Many thanks

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Oct 11 2020

Changing Rooms

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Hi all as always the rules and guidance that we have to consider whilst administrating each element of our club are continually changing. However we as a committee pride ourselves in trying to keep ahead of the curve.


This now focuses us in how and if we can reopen the changing rooms. We see this as a priority with winter sailing now looming. Fortunately lots of work around social distancing and possible layout has already been done. We now need in light of changing guidelines to workout if we don’t fall foul of the rules and guidelines then implementing our plan.


With this element of the club like many others before there is a process and we will at all times report to you the members how this will work or if not possible at this time our thought process why it can not.
Assuming we can there will as always be guidance on how we can use this facility under the restrictions imposed during Covid 19. This guidance as always will be born from planning, execution, risk assessment and issue of guidance.


In the mean time stay safe enjoy the water, our fantastic club and we will continue to make it our priority to keep TBYC a safe environment during these unprecedented times


Kind Regards Steve Hopper Commodore

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