Jul 15 2021

Cadet Sailing report – last Sunday

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Last Sunday Thorpe Bay YC Cadets had a memorable training session: first time ever we ran two groups. Sailors did some warm up drills all together. The younger generation could admire and copy the skills of our advanced sailors. Then the top group sailed away with Nick to work on their sail settings and close manoeuvring. Our younger sailors stayed with Andras: they developed their upwind speed, practiced boat control and timed starts out of a cage (a small square area marked with 4 buoys) to the upwind mark. Session was closed with an adapted cat and mouse game. Thank you to all involved, all supporters and well-wishers.
For years we wanted to run two groups and now we got there. This would not have been possible without each and every one of you supporting our youth sailing. New chapter is starting in our history. Our reward is obvious: just look at and talk to our sailors. We are so proud of our team. – Nick and Andras

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