Apr 02 2021

Cadet Race Training Sunday 4/4/2021

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Cadets and Parents!

Our first session is on Sunday 4th of April.

Please, sign up on this google sheet:


Be ready to launch rigged and changed on the beach at 16:00.

Changing rooms are closed.

I suggest you come with sailing gear on. 

Dress up warm, many layers, fleece, winter hat, gloves …

The theme is: Sail with your sail!

Two pencil marks will be laid. You must sail between the two. You must not sail beyond these marks. 

Warm up: reach between the two marks, tack around each end. Sheet in , then let the sail out, try different sail settings. Which one makes you sail the fastest?

Drill one: Stopping on the whistle. Sail up and down between the marks. Turn head to wind when I blow the whistle. When I whistle again, grab the boom, pull it well in over the side you are sitting on. The boat will turn away from the wind. Get going again.

Drill two: Keep sailing up and down between the two marks. I will ask one boat to stop. Their task is to accelerate just at the right time and sail side to side with the next boat passing by. Try to match their speed. They should help by adjusting their speed.  How can you go faster? How can you slow down a little?

Drill three: stop on the whistle by letting your sail out to flap.  Do not turn head to wind. On the second whistle tack your boat around by sheeting in very quickly with two hands. Do not hold he tiller! Then get going

Race: stop on the line (between the mark and my rib). I will count down 1 minute. Start on the whistle, sail to the next mark, sail around, come back through the line.

Game: Collect the floating white milk can and bring it to me. You will get a reward. Then sail alongside a friendly boat and pass them the milk can. They shall bring the can to me for a reward.

See you on the water:


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