Apr 19 2017

Pico race this Sunday, start at 10:00 on the water, 2017 cadet sailing program

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Dear Cadets and Parents,

Please, email to [email protected] if you would like to be included in the cadet mailing list.

Please, confirm your interest by email, like this:

“Please, keep me on the mailing list.
We are coming:
Dominic (11y)
Pico 5720
Is there anything I can do to help?”

Or: “We are not able to make it this Sunday, but keep us on the mailing list ”

I will update the mailing list accordingly.
I will post further invitations on the club website.
It is an option to join in any time (for club members).

Your reply will be helpful to me.
Everyone is welcome, including those, who just simply turn up on Sunday.

First Pico race is this Sunday, start on the water at 10:00 am.

Weather forecast is favourable at present, onshore wind, around 10 miles/hour.
Dress up well, can be chilly.

I recommended arrival at the club: 1 hour to 1.5 hours earlier.
Please, rig and change straight away.

All classes welcome. All sailors welcome, no experience needed.
Club Picos are available to sail.
Help and support will be given to those who ask for it.
Please, let me know.

I attached a few documents about this year’s cadet’s program.

Cadet week: 7-11 August

Pico Races – 2017
all Sunday

23 April 10:00
30 April 14:00
21 May 09:00
04 June 09:00
16 July 15:00
20 Aug 10:00
27 Aug 14:30
03 Sept 09:30
17 Sept 09:30

Cadet Race Training – 2017 by Nick Alston

07 May 09:00 Sunday
03 June 17:30 Saturday
18 June 16:00 Sunday
09 July 11:00 Sunday
30 July 15:00 Sunday
10 Sept 13:00 Sunday

– Inter-Club dinghy race – Essex YC on Sunday 24 September

– The ‘Matt’ Trophy race (Matt Dear Race) Thames Estuary Yacht Club
Saturday 7 October start at 14:00

See you on the water.


Andras Gal
Pico Captain

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