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Apr 25 2017

Cadet Night Friday 28th April, Cadet Week food menu trial

This Friday is the first Cadet night, we are starting the activities at 7pm, “Rigging and tuning boats”. There will be Oppie, Tera, Pico and Laser 4.7 rigging groups.
Cadet week forms were published last week and the Food available this Friday will be the same menu, Dave will be serving from 17:30 – 19:00, trialling cadet week menu. To promote and test the menu we will be offering a limited number of £10 family vouchers family to test the menu and complete the feedback form.

If you intend to come for food please comment on TBYC Facebook page posting to register interest and secure your voucher.  Dave will use the Facebook comments indicating interest to gauge numbers for food on Friday.  Lindsay will be posting on Facebook tonight.
Don’t forget, Oppie Beach Club on Saturday at 12:30, weekly forecast is looking hopeful at about 12mph wind and 12degree temperatures.

Come along and get involved.



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Apr 25 2017

Next Racing

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Date Start – Event – Tide

Check to see who is on Duty and make sure it is not you (It’s a scrollable window)

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Apr 24 2017

Cadet Activities Nights – Coming up

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Apr 24 2017

For Sale – Hawk 20 Dayboat “Clara”

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Apr 23 2017

Pico race

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Dear Cadets and Parents,

Next Pico race is next Sunday 30 April 2017.
Start on the water at 14:00

I would be grateful if you could keep me informed,
please, email me (coming / not coming).

Help will be given to those who ask for it.
Sailors new to racing are welcome.
No particular experience is needed, just the desire to join us.

I would like to see more teenagers on the water,
would like to encourage them to sail the Laser 4.7.
Please, talk to me, if interested.
Club Feva is available to sail for those, who would like to have the challenge.

We had our first Pico race this season today.
Pico race 23/04/2017 Sunday, start on the water at 10:00 HW: 10:50 BST
wind: around 8 miles/h, steady, onshore (160)
tide turning and going out soon

Thanks for all the helpers, parents and John on Polly.
We had 9 boats on the water, with 14 sailors. 1 Tera, 8 Picos, most of them regulars.

Thanks for the race officer, Wes to set up the club race course on a way that we could us the use the area around club mark 3.

Our new cadet RIB (Sea Safe 9) was very helpful (I used her first time).
Very reactive, good manoeuvrability, quiet, I could get close, easy to talk to cadets.
Many thanks to all who fought for our cadet RIB and made this possible. Club funds very well spent – I think, long term investment.
There is a plan to store her in the dinghy park, under the racks, locked. That will make launching a lot easier.

Course: Trapezoid course 2017 (with rectangular starting box including club mark 3)

Drill 1: figure of 8 around the start line

– start box start 1 minute count down

Race 1

Race 2

Sailing around the race course without the pressure of racing once again.

Drill 2: sailing around the start box

Game: collecting tennis balls

Free sailing

I think all had fun. Everyone completed at least one race, great performance of the girls, first time Pico racing.

Learning points:
– those who were outside the start box at the start sailed at the back of the fleet
– Overstanding layline (tide)

Suggested points for discussion:
– how to make a good start
– how to make speed
– upwind leg tactics (“the beat as a race against time”), laylines


Andras Gal

Pico captain





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Apr 21 2017

Cadet Week 2017 7th – 11th August

Cadet Week 2017  7th – 11th August – Return registration forms by Friday 26th May 2017 

The price of Cadet Week 2017 is £75.00. This maintains the price for the seventh year running, Due to the expected demand, there will be no refunds for late cancellation or for those attending only part of the week. Please download and read the forms below, then complete and send your cheque, made payable to TBYC, with your registration and supplementary forms no later than Friday 26th May 2017. Please ensure that envelopes are addressed to Jeremy Sandford – Cadet Week 2017 c/o TBYC. If you are not posting your form, please put it in the mail box which is situated by the front door of the Clubhouse. Please do not leave any application forms behind the bar. Payment for Cadet Week must be made in full at time of application.

Evening events are a provisional plan and subject to numbers and the age range of cadet involved.  A final timetable of events will be issued when entries are confirmed.

Non members are not allowed to participate or supervise.  1 parent per child, all children must have a Parent/Guardian present on the beach or on a roster duty at all times during Cadet Week. The Adult must be a full member.

Should you have any questions regarding Cadet Week, please e-mail Jeremy Sandford on [email protected]

CadetWeekInformationPack 2017

CadetWeekRegistrationPack 2017


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Apr 19 2017

Pico race this Sunday, start at 10:00 on the water, 2017 cadet sailing program

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Dear Cadets and Parents,

Please, email to [email protected] if you would like to be included in the cadet mailing list.

Please, confirm your interest by email, like this:

“Please, keep me on the mailing list.
We are coming:
Dominic (11y)
Pico 5720
Is there anything I can do to help?”

Or: “We are not able to make it this Sunday, but keep us on the mailing list ”

I will update the mailing list accordingly.
I will post further invitations on the club website.
It is an option to join in any time (for club members).

Your reply will be helpful to me.
Everyone is welcome, including those, who just simply turn up on Sunday.

First Pico race is this Sunday, start on the water at 10:00 am.
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Apr 18 2017

Dinghy Night – Talk Sailing and Drink Beer – This Thursday

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We don’t often get a chance for all sailors to get together and have a chat about sailing with like minded people, so this Thursday evening will be that first opportunity.

Meet some of the people you often just sail past, watch and chat about sailing, chat to others how you could improve yourself, talk about the plans for the year or just help us have more evenings like this.

See you in the club Main Bar, Thursday evening.

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Apr 16 2017

First Oppie Beach Club, 29th April

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Due to a large number of cadets participating in Stage 2 sail training yesterday and the current water temperature there will be no Oppie Beach Club for new sailors or Cadets today.

Conditions permitting, we will start Oppie Beach club on Saturday 29th April.

The club boats are of course still available should you wish to sail today, just help yourself and remember to wash everything down and put it away after you. lub safety boats will be covering main racing, there will be no Cadet Rib patrolling the beach.

If there are ever any problems with club Optimists please let me know or if its Pico related, tell Nick Cotgrove.

Enjoy the beach and water today.
Safe Sailing

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Apr 15 2017

Cadet Race Training and Races 2017

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I have put together a full program of Training and Races for Cadets aged 11+ years, in any class of boat during this season.  In addition to the Pico Racing there will be Cadet Race training (including mini races) using our new training Rib, preceded by Shore based sessions during Cadet nights on some Fridays. I intend to go into some depth over the season, preparing our youngsters for Cadet trophy races, Interclub races and School’s Sailing. In addition, we will train a TBYC Team Racing squad (Year 9+) with our first match against Haileybury School in May. There will also be the opportunity to take the TBYC Stage 3 qualification in September. Nearer to the end of the season, we will enter the Matt Trophy and the Interclub Cadet Team Race at a neighbouring club, both of which, we have won in the past.

I have put all the dates and events together on one sheet to encourage our boys and girls to participate as fully as possible and ENJOY making progress with their sailing.

TBYC Cadet Race Training and Races 2017               I can E-Mail you a copy if you cannot open the file.

Whilst I will publish times and events, it would be helpful to know those who are interested. Please E-Mail me at [email protected]

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